Youth and Women Empowerment

Unemployment and Poverty are the key issues that LICODEP seeks to counter to be able to empower the youths and women. Some of the key needs identified in this sector that need to be done include:

1. The need to set up a revolving fund to act as seed capital for youth and women

2. The need to train the youths and women on life and technical skills.

3. The need to set up resource centres for capacity building

4. The need to identify, tap and nurture talents for income generation

5. Need to set up infrastructure to support adult education

6. The need to protect the environment for sustainable production

7. The need to engage the youth and women to comply and adhere to the rule of law

8. The need to represent the youth and women and advocate for their rights

9. The need to educate the youth and women on available resources and mobilizing for maximum utilization.

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