LICODEP, which stands for Likoni Community Development Programme, is an NGO that operates in Mombasa and Kwale Counties with plans to expand to other parts of the Coastal region. It was founded in 1998 by youth groups in Likoni after a violent incident left many people dead and displaced. The organization aimed to promote peace and unity among community members.

Initially, the organization was known as the Likoni Youth Counselling and Development Program, a community-based organization comprised of eight groups with different mandates. These mandates included promoting peace and security, advocating for land rights, and human rights, empowering youth and women through micro-enterprise development, raising awareness on health issues such as sanitation, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS, and promoting education and literacy.

In 2004, the organization was registered as an NGO under the name Likoni Community Development Program (LICODEP) with a mandate to foster peace, security, and conflict management. The organization’s board was fully established, and its constitution was developed. By 2010, LICODEP had expanded to serve both Mombasa and Kwale Counties.

Today, we are grateful that LICODEP has its own office space, resource center, and income-generating sources.