LICODEP Consultancy Services is committed to maintaining high-quality standards in its training and consultancy services. Our training programs are designed to incorporate principles of participatory adult learning, ensuring an experiential and client-responsive approach. We follow the following key quality management principles to ensure excellence:

  • Customer focus – tailoring services to meet client needs.
  • Leadership – incorporating feedback from clients and staff.
  • Involvement of people – promoting meaningful participation in decision-making.
  • Process approach – documenting processes for desired outcomes.
  • Systems approach to management – implementing systems for quality outcomes.
  • Continual improvement – integrating lessons learned and client feedback.
  • Factual approach to decision-making – basing decisions on facts and experience.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships – fostering relationships that benefit all parties.

Quality assurance is viewed as the responsibility of every individual in our organization. We emphasize the use of design, project management processes, and quality assurance procedures to ensure successful project delivery.