Advocate for children’s rights, safeguard girls for a successful education, and ensure a conducive learning environment and discipline in educational institutions.


Peace, Security, and Governance

LICODEP’s main focus is to ensure peace and security in the areas we serve. We aim to achieve this by:

1. Eliminating juvenile criminal gangs.
2. Building a positive relationship between the community and security agents.
3. Creating a drug-free society.
4. Promoting cohesion among community members.
5. Encouraging peaceful co-existence despite political differences.
6. Stopping radicalization and violent extremism.
7. Encouraging compliance with the rule of law.
8. Swiftly resolving conflicts as they arise.


Youth and Women Empowerment

LICODEP aims to address the issues of Unemployment and Poverty as a means to empower youth and women. To achieve this, some key needs have been identified in this sector, which include:

1. Setting up a revolving fund to provide seed capital for youth and women

2. Providing life and technical skills training to youth and women

3. Establishing resource centers for capacity building

4. Identifying, nurturing, and tapping into talent for income generation

5. Developing infrastructure to support adult education

6. Protecting the environment for sustainable production

7. Engaging youth and women to comply with and adhere to the rule of law

8. Representing youth and women and advocating for their rights

9. Educating youth and women on available resources and mobilizing for maximum utilization.