Advocacy and creating awareness among Community groups in Kwale County.

LICODEP is implementing the Community Action Plan, Integrated Development Empowerment, and Accountability in Pongwe Kikoneni ward, Lungalunga Sub-County, Kwale County. The main goal of this project is to increase community involvement in shaping development plans in the area.

The initiative aims to facilitate a comprehensive participatory process where communities can express their opinions, communicate with leaders, and suggest activities during budget preparations. The project has received support from the Kenya Community Development Foundation through the Giving for Change campaign, which promotes communities to become advocacy groups that hold both county and national governments accountable.

Through this project, community members will be able to identify their needs, prioritize them, and plan for their development through Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD). By using PICD tools, communities can understand their rights and responsibilities at the village level. The resulting village development plans will be incorporated into the Pongwe-Kikoneni Ward Development Plan, ensuring that community priorities are integrated into the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).

A committee will be set up to oversee the implementation of the five-year plan, and any changes will require community approval. Annual meetings, called “community accountability forums,” will be held to update community members on project developments and offer a platform for local leaders to clarify any deviations from the plan. This approach amplifies community voices in governance processes and enables typically marginalized groups to participate in their development.

Recently, community members participated in a role-playing exercise called “The River Code,” where they were divided into groups according to their village units. Each group was assigned the task of prioritizing needs identified during village meetings, ultimately selecting five priority needs for their respective units. Representatives from Mzizima, Bumbani, Chigombero, Shimoni, and Majoreni worked together to create two lists of priorities: one for urgent needs and another for less pressing issues. These lists were presented to the larger group for feedback and contributions.

This project demonstrates the influence of community-led development and the importance of active engagement in shaping local endeavors. By empowering communities to take charge of their development plans, LICODEP is fostering a culture of accountability and inclusivity in Pongwe Kikoneni ward.

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